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Fat Girls Wanted!

Fat Girls Wanted! is a coaching group for large-bodied individuals. This is a space for grief, joy, pride, hope, and self-love at every size. End the war with your body and take steps towards the life you want right now, in the body you have right now. Stop waiting.  Your worth is not determined by a number on a scale.

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For Women Who are Tired of Being Told They are Too Much and Not Enough

Fat Girls Wanted! MY STORY

Growing up, I never got to see the words FAT and WANTED together unless it was for exploitation. I wished for space where I could show up exactly as I am and be wanted, be whole, seek out the healing that my soul deserves without having to conform my body to someone else's standards. At the time, I could not find that space, so I created it.  I founded FAT GIRLS WANTED!, a radical acceptance group focused on empowering Fat Identified Individuals. I continue to let my heart lead the way when creating spaces that help all folx feel acceptance and empowerment. Let's talk about difference, Let's talk about despair, let's talk about desire, let's talk about oppression, and then let's celebrate every step you took to get here.  

Looking at the stories we tell ourselves allows us to see and seek out new options and make a compassionate change.

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What would happen if you gave yourself permission to have the life you want at your current size, and in your current body?  In this process you will creatively explore your body in abundance, uplifting one another, and developing strategies to thrive in a Fat-phobic world. 

*This group is for people who currently identify as Fat Bodied exclusively! 

*If you are unsure as to whether or not you self identify as Fat Bodied, then this is not a space for you. You can read more about that in the MANIFATSO. 
*This is NOT a Weight Loss support group, this is a support group for Women of Size exactly as you are, TODAY!

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