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Image by Kilyan Sockalingum

Drama Therapy

transformation in action

I am a Drama Therapist

Like the stage, therapy is a place where you get to step outside of yourself. You get to try on new and unexpected experiences. You get to see yourself differently.  Drama therapy allows individuals to take a break from the norm, break out of the stuck routine, and experience something new. The work gets to be fun, playful, and deep. We spend so much time getting in our own way, and Drama therapy gives people the tools to step aside and see themselves differently, which allows them to make different choices and find more fulfilling options.

In the room where it happens

With me, clients experience genuine acceptance of all of their parts. In the session, we will bring your internal world to life using metaphor. We will explore your dreams and honor them with ritual. With me, you will build practices that support your needs.  The work is embodied and experiential, which means we will engage the senses, and your physical body as part of these experiences. 

I’m curious and playful, welcoming, honest, and funny. With a touch of geek and a heavy dose of decolonization thrown in for good measure. I see and am able to hold the bigger picture for my clients. I am extremely empathetic and am able to use this intuition to hear the deeper truths of my clients. The communities I serve love that I can walk beside them, and that we get to collaborate together on the best ways to move forward. 


Drama therapy combines traditional psychotherapy methods with theatre practices such as ritual, role play, and movement to create an embodied, playful approach to the process. 
Whether on stage or sitting at their computer, clients get to embark on the unknown and emerge the hero of their own stories.

How Can You Benefit from Drama Therapy?

Drama therapy is a dynamic form of therapy, ideally suited for a dynamic and changing world. This is a playful and creative way to uncover the aspects of your life that are bringing dis-ease, and reconnect to the parts of your life that bring you strength and joy. Through Drama Therapy, you can find the courage to reimagine your life for the better.

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